Wifi Extender feature of ActionTec WCB3000N, with T3200M


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Hi there, Telus recently installed an ActionTec T3200M in my home, and the SmartSteering feature has been a big win.

I would now like to deploy a WiFi extender that works with the T3200M, to potentially extend the SmartSteering feature throughout the residence.

In looking at the ActionTec support web site for the WCB3000N extender, they say this:


"The WCB3000N WiFi Network Extender communicates directly with your Actiontec router over your home’s existing network. The extender takes the credentials from your existing Wi-Fi network and creates a second network with the same name. This means that your devices go from one network to the other, seamlessly."


That quote is from this support page : 




It sounds like the WCB3000N is built to work out of the box with SmartSteering on their compatible routers, but I'd like to confirm a couple of things with this community: 

* if this device is compatible with the T3200M ?  Does anyone have any experiences they can share ? 

* if this device is available through Telus Internet support ? 


Thanks for any discussion on this WCB3000N !


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Yes, the WCB3000N will pick up your existing SSID and use the same name, if using a standard 2.4 & 5GHz setup. The WCB3000N does not support SmartSteering as it's an older device. The T3200 is much newer. If you had 2 separate networks (disable SmartSteering), it would extend both of those just fine. I personally have disabled SmartSteering as it caused problems for me and my wireless devices.

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Hmm, thanks for that response, @Nighthawk!

I think that helps me sort out what features in an extender that I want, and how I have the current network configured.

I'd like to minimize the number of SSIDs in the house, and it sounds like the WCB3000N will do that, whereas the WEB6000Q will create new, secondary SSIDs (e.g.. SSID-EXT2.4, SSID-EXT5).

I currently have SmartSteering enabled on the T3200M.