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Wi-Fi Plus installation

So I'm going to switch to Telus on Wednesday morning when the installer arrives. The biggest problem I currently have with my Wi-Fi network is that the wireless range is just not long enough to reach throughout my entire home, even with the Shaw Advanced Modem modem I got. So I was wondering, if I need to add a Wi-Fi plus to my equipment if the new Telus advanced modem still does not reach throughout the home, will there be any charges to route an Ethernet cord through the home? I was also wondering if the Optik TV boxes work through the second Ethernet port on the back of the Wi-Fi plus device, since the TV is right next to where I want the Wi-Fi plus, and my current modem has all but one Ethernet ports used up. We basically already have a coaxial cable going from the room where my modem is set up to the room that needs Wi-Fi the most, so hopefully it won't be too hard for the installer, so I hope everything can work out fine.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Depending on the complexity of the install, there would likely be charges. You could do it yourself, leaving the ends un-terminated for the installer to complete.


The Access point can be connected to your PVR, to the best of my knowledge, or you could put a switch near the PVR, and connect both.


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