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Why send a cheque?


Hi there,


I’ve moved to Vietnam and I spoke to a customer service representative about changing my address to mail the refund cheque. She couldn’t get the system to properly register my Vietnamese address (they can be very complicated addresses). Is there not a simpler way to refund your customers? Interac? Direct to bank account? There are so many options that would make it much easier for both the customer AND Telus.


Community Power User
Community Power User

For most companies, a cheque is still by far the most common method of payment for refunds. Even where I work that is how refunds are handled even if we have banking information on file. It may be cheaper electronically but it's not common to find a company that does refunds that way, especially if you've moved outside of Canada. Some of it may have to do with fraud prevention as well.

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If you no longer have a bank account in Canada then you may need to have them send the cheque to someone in Canada.