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Why isn't Internet 25 available as a standalone service in Vancouver?

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I'm subscribed to Internet 15. It's been great for 4 years, but we sometimes exceed our 150gb data cap. Telus 25 would suit our needs perfectly, so today I spoke to a rep and upgraded our service. Or so I thought... the rep called back about 15 minutes later to tell me that Internet 25 wasn't available in our area (Vancouver) unless I bundled it with Optik TV. Why isn't the faster internet services available as a standalone? 


Community Power User
Community Power User

This neighbourhood is inhabited by customers, just like you. We have no insight to Telus business plans, and volunteer to share knowledge we have gained by experience or surmise. As such the most complete answer we could give to your question is: "that is the offering Telus decided to make for that market."

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telus can do the overide it is illegal for them to offer 25 with tv but not standalone