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Why is my internet so slow?

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My internet has been slow for the past few days. It used to be super fast but ever since I cancelled Optik TV it has been slow. I heard mobile companies slow internet on purpose. Is Telus slowing my internet?

I've reset my router. Cleaned my computers up. Disconnected all devices. Is there more I should be doing?


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Are you wired or wireless? If wired, I'd say call in. It's possible something just needs a tweak from their end. Resetting router typically doesn't do much other than clear your wireless settings.

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Did you change the level of Internet service when you cancelled your Optik? Check your bill to see if it's the same as before. 

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I am experiencing the same thing. 

I have been with Telus for 5 years.  I have the Internet 15 '15mbps/150GB' plan and last month I cancelled my long-time TV portion.  Before I cancelled it, I used to watch Netflix movies while still having the Telus TV box in operation, using the internet.  Despite this, I can only recall two instances where I had an interruption to my streaming movie.

Since cancelling the TV portion I am repeatedly experiencing interruptions to my streaming movie despite same usage, and despite no longer having a Telus TV box accessing the internet to take up bandwidth. 

When I cancelled my TV portion the rep said to me, rather sweetly, if I found that I needed more bandwidth as I would be using more streaming services, etc. just to give them a ring and they could increase my plan quickly and easily.

I'm not an idiot.  My internet should be faster, not slower, after the change I made.  It's quite clear they are throttling my speed.  I've known for some time that I could switch to Shaw and reap promo rewards but didn't want to switch when I could just ask Telus for a promo to keep me.  Now I am going to switch because of their behavior.  Insult to intelligence and frankly, insult to injury when you consider that I'm paying $63 + Tax for the 'luxury' of 15mbps/150GB.  It's not about not having the money, it's that we should already not be paying such high prices for such such low speeds and bandwidth.

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Telus isn't throttling your speeds! Optik TV wasn't taking up any bandwidth in the first place, why would it speed up since you dropped TV service? You get the speeds you paid for in your plan that's it, give or take +-5-15%.

Netflix in it's highest quality can burn through 3gb per hour. 10 hours is 30GB give or take. There is no conspiracy theory to offer more bandwidth (plan), most people don't realize how much download bandwidth they use, add a gaming console and a person can easily blow through 150GB a month. 

What do you use to stream Netflix?

Wired or wireless connection to that device?

What modem/router are you using?

Are you using Bridge mode?

Plenty of other things to inspect on your end before assuming telus is throttling a tiny 15MBps plan, which they're not anyways.



if you could tell us what High Speed plan you subscribe to that would help.

What kind of speeds are you currently getting?

If you haven't done a speedtest yet, try doing one on one of the following sites (whichever is closest to you) and let us know the results

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Telus Tech - doing speed tests to the servers that you suggest is only going to show the speeds a customer is getting between their end and Telus itself. It is not going to give an accurate idea of the speeds between Telus and various points around the continent that the remote servers that he is trying to use may be located. is a better alternative.

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