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Why is TELUS oversubscribing GPON splitters already?


I've been fortunate enough to have TELUS fibre internet for a few years now and recently, after refusing to pay $125 a month for Internet 150 (even though residents in Drayton Valley and Drumheller only pay $75), downgraded to Internet 100.  Prior to moving to Internet 150 I was getting speeds of 106 Mbps down and 28 Mbps up on Internet 100.  Now, after moving back to Internet 100 I'm now only getting 95 Mbps down and 18 Mbps up.  I realize these are "within normal allowances" but it puzzles me as to why TELUS is already oversubscribing their fibre services - there is no reason why I shouldn't be getting at least my subscribed speed.  I'd expect this from Shaw but not TELUS. Could there not be a better system to balance out subscribers on the fibre splitters so that this speed decrease doesn't occur?