Why is TELUS not addressing the issue the migration to Google's webmail has caused with POP3?


Not replying to this.....just trying to post on this forum but can't find where to start......typical TELUS, make things as difficult as possible then hope you go away....!!

Almost impossible to contact/speak to anyone unless you are prepared to wait an hour or more (even for chatline) I have numerous friends who are experiencing all sort of problems since Telus switched to Google mail. In my case, e-mails simply 'disappear'...some I don't even receive!! Sorry to use this but it is the only way I have found to communicate my anger and frustration with this company. Customer Service??? Hahaha, what a joke!!!



I had a couple of apparently missing messages that turned up in Google's Spam folder even though the sender was in my Contacts list.  It didn't occur to me right away that Google would have regarded them as spam, but when I checked there they were, along with another message that shouldn't have been there (and a lot of genuine spam).  I think the lesson here is to check the spam folder regularly.  

Hope this helps.

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"God dammit GUMP. You're a god **bleep** genius!."

So happy I found your post. My new IMAP/GMAIL now working like before with Outlook, Pop3 & PST.
One email account converted and 3 more to go.   Thanks to your easy instructions.

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I am looking for an ISP that is capable of supplying what we require. We require the use of POP email servers, and we need to have access to fixed IP addresses here at home to connect to our own servers, and to mechanize our own email on our own domains.


Is there an ISP out there that we can contract that can deliver either by fibre or by cable into our home.


The Telus people need to be told that any proposal involving "THE CLOUD" or Google, or MicroSoft monopolies is "dead on arrival. We most certainly sall be leaving them as soon as we find a technical answer that is satisfactory.


The email POP servers work just fine with OUTLOOK, and other software packages. We will NOT agree to placing our emails into "the cloud" for Google to exploit and which become inaccessible. 


Looking for responses.

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If you are a corporate entity, you can purchase a Telus Business Account, which has static IP addresses, you can then run your own mail servers using POP if you wish. Alternatively, you can purchase email services from a number of suppliers who should be able to offer POP email.


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By definition anything that is not run on a local (your own) server is considered 'The Cloud'. If you wish to avoid email in 'The Cloud' you will need to install and run your own mail server.


As mentioned if you require a static IP and want to run your own servers you will require a business account from Telus or another ISP of your choosing.


For more information on Google and privacy you may wish to revue this forum thread:


Google Scanning the Content of Telus.net Emails - TELUS Neighbourhood