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Why is Fox News Channel being offered on Telus programming?

Fox News promotes hate, is pro guns, pro white supremacy and is everything that Canada does not stand for. It is not allowed in Britain so why is it allowed here? I have written to CRTC and they told me it is up to the service provider , which is Telus. Please explain. Thx.


You might be surprised how many Canadians want that channel. Especially elderly conservatives who snowbird down south in the winter. Fox News tried to come in to Canada about 10 years ago and the CRTC shot them down saying they would be classified as an Entertainment channel and not News, but due to demand they managed to pull it off anyway, I agree with you that Fox News is trash but here we are.

I agree Fox is trash. I have no objection to it being available in Canada however. I do hate that it's bundled in a package with the other real news channels. I'm considering removing the news package from my bundle just because of that.

Friendly Neighbour

If you don't like that channel, don't watch it.




Starting off, I do not like fox news, and i don't watch fox news. What I do find laughably pathetic are those that because they do not like something or agree with someone else's view is that it should be banned. Everyone is pro free speech until they don't agree with said speech, then it is make it illegal.


There are lots of channels I don't like, but I respect that other people do like.  If they have a license, are not breaking laws, and have enough people wanting to watch them that it supports their income, that's how it works.  What I don't agree with is being forced to pay for channels I don't want.  Fox news does not fall into that category as it is optional.


One of the things about living in a democracy is allowing others their freedoms too.


Answer: we live in a country that has free speech. I'm sorry you don't see the importance of that, but like others have said, nobody is forcing you to watch the Fox News channel.


thanks for your opinion. and because you don't have evidence supporting your feelings, that's all it is, an opinion. For you to exclaim that those two values you mentioned are not Canadian shows your arrogance and fascist ideal ology. And to bring up the "white supremacy" b.s., just shows your ignorance. the difference between a follower of fox news and some one like you, who wants to silence other's opinions is that we'll take time and switch to CNN or MSNBC to get the other side of the story. if you think that fox news has to go then the other biased fake news American networks need to go too.

I agree with most everyone on here. You're free to watch it or not. The same argument or state you bring is easily said about MSNBC. If you look at Pew Research there are far more left biased news networks than right. CNN was the closest rated station to be neutral. Furthermore, most of what I see far left individuals whine about Fox News isnt actually their news segments but their TV personalities giving THEIR opinions on matters of news. The real bias is in coverage of stories. Fox aired the Bengazi story three times more often than any other network. In contrast, MSNBC covered the Trump sexual harassment News 3 times more than any other network. Is this really shocking? NO. Both sides are propaganda machines skillfully twisting rhetoric to win votes and claim power. Yes it's not going Clinton Election taught us anything it should be either side gives a funk about you.