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Why doesn't Telus fix their new Billing page?

I've told Telus a couple of times since the new customer web interface went live months ago that their Billing page is showing the wrong date range. It shows "Current Bill" and last month's date range, with the amounts to pay corresponding to the current bill below. But if you view the detailed pdf bill it shows that Telus is actually billing in advance for next month, just as they always have. This gives a false impression to customers that Telus is billing in arrears (like Shaw), rather than billing in advance as they actually do. Given the failure to correct this, it's beginning to look like a deliberate attempt to mislead customers.


Community Power User
Community Power User

It's still a BETA project that is ongoing and isn't the final live version.


I am sure they are working on it at an accelerated pace and I think it will be nearly ready by the time they actually enforce UBB.