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Why does your fraud dept violate its own principles?

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I won't go into the long and ridiculous story, but your fraud department would not take several pieces of ID from me IN PERSON today to resolve a fraud issue.  They REQUIRED that I email my passport, drivers' license, and other things to them to prove it was me. Seriously? Me being there in person with witnesses and tons of other ID wasn't good enough - you wanted me to expose myself to even more potential fraud by emailing my docs? This makes no sense. And - no explanation was given for what the issues actually IS, despite my asking numerous times. Super, super disappointed in Telus today.



Are you sure you were contacting Telus? How is it that found out there was an issue?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @SWelsh, our Fraud team exists strictly as an off-contact desk team so there wouldn't be a way to accept ID in person. I take it to mean you visited one of the stores with the intent to show them your ID?

If so, our in-store reps may not have the depth of training our fraud team does which is why presenting ID in person may not be accepted. With respect to the details of your case, team members are advised not to divulge any info until ID verification is complete and fraud flag cleared - sorry for any inconvenience. That said, I'll definitely forward your feedback along regarding the email verification - I get where you're coming from with that. 

Just Moved In
Thanks for this but it’s handled. There have been some great people at Telus who are handling this for me. I love the Telus people. I think it’s the systems that are ill advised in this situation. Big shout out to Dino who phoned me on a Sunday. He has been amazing.

When my bank freezes my credit card due to suspected fraud, they have other methods of verifying me so I don’t have to send private docs over an insecure network. Still don’t think the irony of your fraud dept endangering me even more is being acknowledged.

We live, sadly, in a world where fraud is all too common. There has to be a better way than forcing me to expose myself to even more fraud. We’re told all the time not to send such stuff over email.

If Telus insists on this, then you need to establish a secure portal like my accountant and lawyer have so I feel confident that I’m uploading the docs securely. You’re a technology company - surely that’s possible?

If front line staff aren’t capable of checking docs, then train them. Although I don’t see how your very capable staff would not be capable of simply examining and verifying ID. This would have been a simple solution without interrupting my service for several days through no fault of my own.

The other issue is that, if you’re going to block all of my numbers, you need to give me a way of solving it. The fact that your fraud dept isn’t open on weekends is nuts because I was left high and dry without service, was given no explanation (still don’t have one but am expecting a call soon), and a customer service person told me I could go in person to show ID. Hackers don’t take the weekend off so having to wait several days put all of my credit into question and I’ve spent this time paranoid about everything. It’s my account and affects me. I expect an explanation (which again, I’m hoping to get).

It’s only your people who have kept me a customer right now because they are exceptional. I was ready to walk.

Thank you for your response. I hope this is the end of my issues.

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