Why does Telus suck


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Long time Telus and Telus mobility customer. I love the interface but it ends there. The product sucks and is very expensive. I'm finally pulling the plug on Telus tv, internet, home phone and mobility. I'm tired of my tv never working properly. Constantly pixelated, sound cuts out, and choppy. Tech support helps, but the crappy products starts back up within a few weeks. Between Telus and Telus mobility I pay $4,500 per year. No thanks! My mobility contract is done and you want to up my monthly fee!?! No thanks!

You are so right. The way they treat their customers is evident when you call them for support. Minimum wait is 3 hours plus with no call back feature. What a disgraceful way to treat your customers .

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I've never experienced a wait longer than about 20 minutes. I usually call at the beginning of the day, though, not prime time!


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Dear Discruntled, may I respectfully advise you to think twice about going to "the other" provider.  I was an Optik customer every since Telus launched the service, many years ago.  For some reason, (and it was a stupid reason), last Fall I switched to "the other" provider.  Well suprise suprise, I switched back to Telus just yesterday, and I am very glad I did.  The "other provider" lacks in HD content, big time.  Telus, I would say,  has close to 50% MORE HD content.  I am currently on Telus Internet 50, and quite frankly, I see no difference in Telus' 50, than "the other's" 150, for what I do online.  As far as mobility goes, I too found Telus Mobility's price getting too high.  May I suggest that you check out Koodo.  Koodo is owned by Telus, and has the same coverage as Telus, at about one half of the cost.  Just a few ideas for you, before you make your decision.  Good luck!


HOLY SMOKE that's a lot ! $4500 a yr / $375 a month

Astonishing !

I use internet only and am not impressed with the service either , the internet cuts out throughout the day and night when I'm in the middle of downloading or making a wifi call it drops and reboots the Router.
Im talking everyday for over a year

They have been no help instead the agents push and prod me toward a larger faster plan $$ that I dont need or want.

Poor service indeed.


Whats with that hey !