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Why do we not have Telus Optik TV in Royal Oak Manor NW Calgary?

Just Moved In

This communityis at least 10 years old and we still do not have a Telus service (optik TV). I'm with Shaw and I'm not happy at all and looking forward for Telus to bring their service there



Hi ahbiba


That's a good question.


There are many factors that are taken into consideration when and where Telus can provide Optik TV.


These factors include first and foremost the technology, availability of the current infastructure, population, geography, etc...


But don't worry, if Optik TV is not available in your area yet, you can also take advantage of Telus Satellite TV, it's a great product that will complement any other Telus services you have may now.


Hope this helps.



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Telus is currently doing a major fibre to the home(FTTH) upgrade to the Calgary area. North of the river from the city center.


Telus doesn't publish what their future plans are beyond a certain time frame. Maybe you'll have the nice fortune in the next couple of years and get fibre to the home.


Telus service qualifications tool. You might be in one of the holes that is serviced by either older equipment or a longer run of copper.



Thanks for the link but unfortunately we are not concerned. I forgot to mention we cannot get more than 6 M for Internet. It is just ridiculous!!!

You can also go to and put in your info.  Have other around you do the same and give TELUS a better idea of where the people that REALLY want service are.