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Why are there no longer any email options?

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All the options to change anything associated with my email accounts have disappeared. I can no longer add / remove email aliases, change spam control, change forwarding, or change auto reply. Why were these removed? It makes Telus email absolutely useless.



@ EricPauker


We are sorry for the removal of such options, the company is currently reviewing its options.

If you need to make any options feel free to call.

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For more assistance, you may contact us at

For more info or to chat with one of our support reps please visit us at:
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I clicked on "Like" by mistake.  I am with all the other posters, and I bet a lot of other Telus customers are upset as well over the removal of options.  Please resinstall them.  As others have pointed out, it's very important and necessary to be able to manage our accounts, to create aliases, etc.   I cannot even correct a typo now on this e-mail.  Your site is, sorry to be blunt, a mess.  What is your time frame for putting it back together and giving us back our options and our control over our accounts?  

Community Power User
Community Power User

Although I did not use these features very often, I believe they are valuable to Telus' customer base, especially if it had a friendly UX.

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These were highly useful functions in our email accounts. Their removal is a degradation of service.

For example, having a removable alias allows for security and privacy in certain conditions - especially for females - like posting to sites to sell used goods. No way to filter the creeps from the serious folks now.

And auto reply was quick and efficient. Now it is a dozen steps in Outlook, and the security issues mentioned above remain.

Like others, I have been waiting for months for the problem to be resolved and only came across this 'Neighborhood' by chance. Still reviewing your options?

Not impressed. A service removed; monthly fees remain the same. Lowered security and higher email maintenance. Thanks TELUS

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You want to hear how terrible the removal of those options are? You can not even change your email password anymore. Well you can, but you have to either chat or phone in, and then what makes it so bad is that you have to give your new password to the person you are talking to. So right away there is someone who has your email address and password. This is the only option as well, either give them the password or don't change your password. Kind of contradicts everything we are told about not giving out our passwords.

Oh and get this, your new password has to be 8 or LESS characters long. So not only are you giving it to someone, your making it short for someone else to figure out.

tl;dr  Telus could care less about your email security.

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As someone who uses email aliases all the time, the fact that I no longer have control over creating them/removing them is really bad. Can someone justify why this option was removed? And for a company that is trying to make customers more self sufficient, you've just taken that away from us. Do I have time to spend on waiting hold to remove an alias after my email has been hacked? No, I don't. Someone please tell us how this was ever a good business decision for anyone??

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I'm not sure what I'm responding to here, but I agree with everything that all the other posters wrote.  I sent a message yesterday, and found this "Neighbourhood" section again in the same convoluted way as yesterday.   If you are not going to return management of aliases to your customers, could you at least please delete the other headings that tell us how to do this, as they are now obsolete and waste people's time?

Instead of thinking up interesting euphemisms like "classic site" (whatever that means) and "neighbourhood" (which this is definitely not), please spend your time making your technical fixes so that we can once again be empowered as clients and not at your mercy to do private settings for us.  All these new complications  are not impressive, without the basic, VERY BASIC, services and options.  Thank you.   P.s.  As someone wrote (to paraphrase) -- aliases are useless unless we can add, subtract, and change them.

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This maybe a little easier to read....Snip20160521_20.png

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Community Power User

Why are you posting a block of text as an image? Worse is that it's using Comic Sans (no one takes anything in that font seriously). Since the content of what you are posting is not related to the topic you responded to, you'd get more people reading it by making a brand new topic.


To address your points.

  • Social Security is American. SIN is Canadian. They'll only be asking for it as verification if you've provided it to Telus previously. They won't have access to it any other way.
  • It also doesn't break any laws. Telus won't break any as their shareholders would revolt and Telus' lawyers are well paid to ensure this.
  • Why are you ranting about things six months later? Seems a bit odd. Is this something you wrote?
  • Breach of security? They are still Telus employees and you gave Telus your SIN. If you're upset, be upset with yourself for not actually protecting your SIN.

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