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Why I can't get full download speed on my iPhone?


I am using the new T3200M modem with Telus 100 plan (down 100Mbps/ up 30Mbps).  Here are the speed I can get from my devices:


- Direct wire: 85-90 Mbps ( never get over 95 Mbps, but still acceptable)

- Asus Zenbook laptop on 5GHz: around 90 Mbps

- Microsoft Surface Pro 4 on 5GHz: around 90 Mbps

- iPhone 6+ on 5GHz: around 35-50 Mbps (sometime starts at 60 Mbps, but drop back to 50 Mbps in a couple seconds)

- iPhone 5e on 5GHz: around 50 Mbps

- iPad Air on 5GHz: same as iPhone 6+


Upload speed for all devices are good at about 28Mbps all the time.


I just wonder, all my Apple devices are AC wireless capable, but they just cannot get the full wireless download speed.  Can any one help?