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Who are the idiots who popped a Canadian readling glasses informercial over the final out...

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Stupidity like that makes it easy to move away from Optiks when you are past the contract time...  Grab a freaking brain.


Friendly Neighbour

Ruined the moment I was waiting for since I was born!!!  I couldn't believe it and I want to know who is responsible.  Was it Fox KCPQ or Telus.  If it was Telus, I'm dropping them.  That's how upset I am.

Just Moved In

We're still waiting for the answer!!!!!

Community Power User
Community Power User
The Station cuts to commercial. So what ever station you watched the game on vent your displeasure to them.

Hasn't been the first time it's happened nor will it be the last. It happens frequently on NFL games to.

So FOX KCPQ out of Washington should get your phone calls and emails.  Google them.

CBC did that for the opening ceremonies for the last Olympics. Three minutes of content and then two minutes of commercials (and repeat) where everything is still going live in the background. That really annoyed me but that was all on CBC.

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I believe that CRTC rules require that, when a particular show is on both a US channel and a Canadian channel at the same time, the cable company is required to show the Canadian feed on both channels, for the benefit of the Canadian channel's advertisers. I believe that Canadian stations are allowed a few more minutes of commercials per hour than American ones, so it's fairly common for Canadian channels to clobber some content to put their commercials in. If this is the case for the incident you're complaining about, perhaps you could complain to the Canadian channel for insensitive editing, or to the CRTC or your MP for the requirement. I don't think that Telus has any choice in the matter.