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White Alcatel box

Just Moved In
So I have wifi on my iPhone and iPad through telus working but have not had wifi connection to my pc. The lights on the white box are:
Power - solid green
Wan - solid green
Lan 1 - constant red/yellow flashing
Ethernet cable connection on back of white box shows one solid green (top) and flashing green (lower)
My PC can see the wifi point but cannot connect.
I have restarted every box but this white one. No luck and no work getting done (as i need to email from PC every day.
Any thoughts or help out there?

Community Power User
Community Power User

The white box is the fiber optic terminal. You won't be able to restart that one and it has no wifi capabilities. Follow the ethernet line running out of the white box to the router. The router / gateway is the one you'll need to troubleshoot on.


  • Are any devices physically connected through ethernet? If yes, do they still work? If no, call Telus.
  • Are any devices able to connect to the wireless? If no, you may need to reset the router. (not the white box)
  • Were there any recent changes on the PC that may have affected it's ability to connect?
  • Have you tried removing the wireless network from your PC settings, restarting, and trying to reconnect?
  • What version of Windows are you running?

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