Where is the listing of free channel previews?


Where is the listing of free channel previews?

Where is the listing of free channel previews? This used to be fairly prominent on the Optik TV page, and the emails from Telus even point to this page as "See what else is new on Optik TV®, including FREE channel previews". But even though there are multiple free previews on right now, none of them are listed here. https://www.telus.com/en/bc/tv 


Where did they go? I have been going to the Shaw website to see when my current Telus previews might end as they seem to be on the same schedule.

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Community Manager

@AK1 @89stang @BenoitYVR @Aleggett @SmokeJV Good news everyone! We posted a list of free previews on Optik TV, you can find it here


If you go to channel 5 it lists the free Preview channels right now. 

It only display a static screen announcing Vivo Indina Premiere league. 

This appears to have been fixed. Thanks!

How has this been fixed? I still don't see the free previews listed on the website...

Sorry, I should have been clearer. It has been fixed on channel 5. It's now showing.



Ah, thanks for the clarification. The original issue still exists.

No list of previews. Ch 5 does have some but there are others currently in free preview that are not listed. Why is it so hard to give a list of free channels? What is my massive bill getting me? Rhetorical btw.

I also get the same thing.. frustrating