Where do I login to see my Telus Fibre account


I signed up for Telus Fibre in early July and I still haven't recieved anything from them post install.  Shouldn't I be able to see what my plan is, how much data I've used, etc, on the MyTelus site?  I added the account number that I recieved via email when I first signed up online to MyTelus but in brackets beside it, it says "0 services".  I've gotten both a July and an August bill on MyTelus for zero dollars but the bill doen't have any details on it in regards to my plan or how much credit I have left.mytelus.png


I know I got a credit on my account when I signed up so I shouldn't owe anything yet, but it sure would be nice to be able to see the details of my account.


Have you set up your account on my Telus with the password on a computer.  If you have and don't get the info you want then you will have to call billing to correct things. I don't know if a phone can access the full account info. Polecat

Community Power User
Community Power User

Looks like the info about your account hasn’t been connected to your account number. Contacting Telus, using one of the methods in the page footer is likely the next best step. I suggest connecting with them by Facebook or Twitter as the most time effective.


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