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When will the optik remote get slow motion for us sports fans?

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Every serious sports fan wants slo mo!  I'm waiting for Telus to put this feature on their remote. Meanwhile I keep my bundle with Shaw  - despite having significant investments in Telus!  Don't like that situation. I would urge Telus to get up to speed and get this done!


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Community Power User
SLO motion was suggested in ideas a few years ago. Priority wise would be low as most people don't see it as an essential feature.

When would you even use slo motion? Video replay works for me, or for some reason if I really needed to i could rewind live tv.

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       In our household we watch recordings only, never live - no time for endless commercials. That said, 'numerous' times during each game -no matter what the sport - save perhaps golf - I am using slo mo to say for example, watch the 'action' of a particular pitch, or maybe question the call of the umpire, perhaps see what really happened on a deflection from the point, was it a catch or not?, but mostly just to appreciate the athletic prowess of elite athletes doing their thing.

      Yes, networks do give us replays, but too often not in the manner, or for what we would like. I like to go frame by frame on occasion when that is necessary to check things out. If you love sports, have played these games competitively, there is more to be appreciated than just who wins. This is what I am looking for and will not give up my slow motion. My wife said immediately when she found out there was no slow motion with optik, "Don't do it, you'll never be happy" She's right. I'lll wait - despite having done very well with my Telus investments over the years, and having a desire to support my own company, I'm not giving up slow motion.


Totally agree!! Telus has dropped the ball on this one.

Where is the SLO-MO??

And get rid of the annoying pause overlay screen. PLEASE!

"When would you even use slo motion?" ... wow, what a condescending comment! 


Anyone who watches sports uses slo-mo for the reasons already stated by Ken4.


Obviously not a priority for Telus ... This is a dealbreaker for us. Goodbye Telus, hello Shaw/Bell!



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Used to have TiVo and slo mo was a feature they offered from the beginning. Every time I speak with Telus I suggest they tell the powers that be that their consumers want slo mo and that it is not an unusual feature. Almost 5 years later and still no love.
We used it in our household to catch all sorts of too quick motion in TV shows and movies.

Agreed. Just moved from years of Shaw to Telus and can't believe there is no SLO-MO feature!

Come on guys, even the old VCRs had thus 20 years ago.

What is the hold up?

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Years later and still no action.... very disappointing Telus!