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When is the next Telus price increase expected?


Telus seemed to change from annual increases to increasing some services twice a year. A $5 increase per service seems the standard ammount.

Here's a brief summary of my increase since being locked into a 3-year contract

March 2013 Internet increased by $5 from $47 to $52

March 2013 TV increased by $5 from $64 to $69

March 2014 Internet increased by $5 from $52 to $57

March 2014 TV increased by $4 from $69 to $73

June 2015 Telephone increased by $2 from $36.50 to $38.50

October 2014 Internet increased $5/mo from $57 to $62/mo

Looks like Internet and Optic is due for another $5/mo per service increase. Has anyone heard anything?


CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Do you have the price increases by the competition.  I don't see celebration there either.

For those living in Metro Vancouver.... who's voting to see an 0.5% tax increase?

As Netflix popularity increases.... the internet provider's infrastructure needs to keep up.

Personally I would love to pay more for Telus speed, but with a lower discounted cap.  I consume less than a 1/4 of my internet data allowance each month.  With Optik, I have little need to stream.


I just think that a 31% increase in 18-months is a bit steep (OK, it's "bend you over and make you take it" steep).

Unlike the Telus 31% increase that applies to contracted plans, Shaw's 10% increase doesn't apply to existing plans.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Shaw's increase DID apply to existing plans. ($5-15 increase across the board) Learn to know what you're talking about. They changed up the internet packages as well and new customers actually get less data, and slower speeds for more money.

Shaw is more worried about their useless junk Shomi, and Shaw wifi go that people don't want and have to pay for.

Shaw increases have been over 35% in 2 years and a person has got nothing in return besides maybe 3 actual new channels that haven't been re branded and horrible firmware on their boxes that have nothing but problems. Can't forget about their node saturation issues that are still on going, as they don't have infrastructure to support the customers they're trying to serve.

I bailed from Shaw a few months ago and couldn't be happier. Shaw every few days something wasn't working right.