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What to do when previous condo owner damaged the Telus wiring?

Just Moved In

I'm a Telus Fibre customer about to move into a new condo. I booked installation of Fibre but Telus sent me this message: “This is TELUS in regards to your upcoming appointment for Fibre Services. Your address requires additional Fibre wiring to prepare your suite for Fibre services, and unfortunately due to Stacked Conduit this is not doable. However we can provide you with Telus quality services through our existing Copper/Smarthub system. Please call us at 310-2255 to book your order.”


I called customer service and was told that a previous owner had poured concrete over the Telus wires during a renovation, effectively blocking my condo (and a handful of others served by the same wiring stack) from getting anything other than copper-connected Internet. This is a 100x reduction in maximum speed.


I contacted the condo management company but they're of no help.


Any suggestions? Thanks in advance …


Community Power User
Community Power User

Litigation against the former condo for damaging your and your neighbours property?

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Lawyer up. And sue everyone. I mean overyone.