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What should my IPV6 settings be on my Airport Time Capsule?

Friendly Neighbour

So apparently the IPV6 protocol is working, as I am looking at our Actiontec t1200 settings. So my question is to have our Airport Time Capsule (model 802.11ac), able to connect to IPV6? So I have the time capsule set up as our main router, so the port 1 on the actiontec is bridged to our time capsule. Our time capsule has its own IP address, different to the actiontec. Currently the time capsule is set to recognize IPV6 automatically, and in the native mode? I tried out testing if I am able to connect through IPV6 and the site says not supported (this is through wifi, (we use the time capsule for wifi, and we can connect via LAN through the actiontec), but when connecting vial LAN with the actiontec and test IPV6, the site says its supported. Can anybody help, me configure our time capsule to make IPV6 work on it? It still works fine via IPV4, but its really not necessary, but would be fun! Thanks a million.