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What has happened to TELUS Pure Fibre?


Two years ago I reported that the speed of TELUS Internet was simply unacceptable and not compliant with CRTC requirements. In my town all they offer is an extremely sad 15 meg service. I was told at that time to be patient that Pure Fibre would be installed in the town with 18 months. Well that was two years ago, still no sign of it, not even a mention. I wrote a letter to the CEO about it, he used to respond to customers but not longer, I guess we are not relevant to TELUS anymore. So what is happening with Pure Fiber, has it been abandoned or what?



Anyone, Anyone, Bueller?



So what is happening with Pure Fiber, has it been abandoned or what?

Most of the major cities in BC & Alberta have Pure Fiber since the electrical infrastructure is in place. I can't say the same for the smaller towns though which are probably still using twisted pair for wiring.

Not true. It is very limited where you can get it in Calgary.


The CRTC is planning to make high speed 50 available to more of Canada with a timeline in place, it's not in effect right now. Telus is currently spending billions to expand it's fibre, you will probably see door to door agents out and about to let you know about incoming Fibre service. 

@TheWizard is correct! We are currently expanding fairly quickly as we eventually want all our clientele on fibre. Thank you for your patience 🙂 It's coming.

I was told it would be 18 months, that was two years ago, and there is no sign at all. Seems like it is slowing down, not speeding up. And we are left to twist in the wind with incredible CRAPPY 15 meg service with no information. Planning for this takes time and the company should be able to tell us exactly when it is planned in our area. So when it is going to be done? Or should I go dump my services and go elsewhere?

In the meantime they're definitely scaling back bonded Internet 75 profile was updated two nights in a row and not in a good way Cat Sad

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Community Power User

My brother has bonded 100. No issues at all. Have you tried contacting tech support?

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