What compensation for email outage will keep you as a Telus customer?


What compensation for email outage will keep you as a Telus customer?

Having an email outage of more than a few hours is simply inexcusable in this day and age. While I appear to be getting new emails, I know for a fact that there are emails from at least August 16th and 17th that have not arrived. And the biggest problem with not getting emails is that you don't know you didn't get them unless the sender tells you (which they can't do via email!) or they eventually show up.


I have internet, Optik tv, home phone, and three mobility accounts with Telus. I will be moving in the next couple of months or I would do it today but Telus will be losing out on close to $500 per month of revenue from just me. How many others will there be? Don't forget, this exact thing happened back in May and they appear to have done nothing to address the root of the problem.


So here is my honest answer to my question: I would only be satisfied with a minimum of 2 months credit for my internet service which is $85 x 2 = $170.


What about you?


@xray: Telus claims the outage began on the 15th, so you simply take their word for it? @khollett is correct. For some customers the outage started around the 9th. That was when I first got calls from Telus customers with email outages. I wasted too much time diagnosing their email problems only to find that it was Telus email servers failing. Consider yourself fortunate that you were not among those who lost email service for 10 days, but don't be fooled by Telus lies.

The current outage was reported by several sources as being caused by Dell EMC accidentally taking Telus.net offline on August 15. When that is corrected whatever was the cause of khollett's email issues starting August 9 will likely still be there. The two are unrelated.

@xray: Where do you suppose those "several sources" got their information from? Assertions do not become true merely by multiple sources repeating Telus claims. The customers I was trying to help at about the same time @khollett was first experiencing email problems had their service returning in the same way at the same time as the rest of us (i.e. up and down, partially working, fully working, failing again, and eventually stabilizing, more or less, we hope). Are you surprised that the Telus PR machine would understate the severity and duration of problems? Telus is desperately trying to pacify angry customers and admitting to the full extent of the problem won't help that.

I may be in the minority here but over the last several years all of Telus services were rock solid.  This was one time something went wrong and I personally will be OK if they didn't offer any compensation.  Things do happen.  Data breach is a much more serious thing than this outage.

So many people will "jump ship" because they can't believe that this happened to them and want to go to another provider.  Other providers have their fare share of outages as well.  But these people do this because they have no loyalty and simply want to get as much for free as they can.  They'll get their free TV or discounts for joining the other provider, and then after 90 days they'll jump back to Telus or use a different name to avoid being caught at their game, just to get another promotion.


Some want 2 months credit based on the Internet charge for this outage, but don't consider that their Internet was not out.  If they had a second email account such as a Gmail account - like most other people have for second level security - they could have weathered this outage.


Yes it was an outage, but if you take the time to call in (yes, it will take time) and talk calmly to the front line agent at Telus, they will do their best for you.  Remember, the majority of those employees are likely in the same circumstance as you are, so don't jump all over them because you think you're the only important one out there.


When you get the CCO posting on social media to apologize, you can bet Telus cares, and they want to make it right for their customers.


Give Telus the same chance as you would like to have, when (not if) you make a mistake.