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Webmail/Telus email is currently down.


Just a heads up - our webmail is down at the moment. The queues are very high. Please be patient! We are working on it! So sorry for the inconvenience!

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Yes getting angry. Would like some explanations and compensations. I'd like to know what's going on that this keeps happening so often lately. Very frustrating. Come on Telus. Where's the service??

One has to almost think of a conspiracy theory. As the email services is slowly degrading is Telus trying to get away from this?

Although we do not pay a separate fee for this and I realize it is part of our Internet service one does wonder if this is the beginning of the end and it may to time to migrate to some other service. I am fortunate in that I have other email accounts but everything in my personal life is tied up with Telus and it would be a huge pain in the backside to have to change my email address to everything I have my connected to

Now this page isn't even showing up on the Neighbourhood page, wholly conspiracy indeed.

When I signed up with Telus we had 10 email accounts available and could access them through MyTelus and change them, add aliases etc.
All gone now.
I called in to get another email set up and the customer service rep actually told me Telus was trying to get rid of email and encouraging users to switch to a free service like GMail. Having had a Yahoo account in the past (I know, I know) I much prefer the security and lack of spam on Telus email. Very disappointed in the service level lately though.


I see what they did. Someone consolidated this old thread from May with the new topic I started today called: Webmail not working (again). 

Not sure why they did this, they should have just closed they topic from May and carried on with the new problem as of today.

Same as the outage map I guess, too many complaint topics must be bad for their reputation. 

Seems it's just certain regions which are down. If I run from a US-based server the site is up



Email (Web, IMAP, SMTP) all back up for me since Sunday Aug 18, but still getting lots of old messages, like notifications on this forum going back to last Thursday Aug 15. Have turned all notifications off but I suppose the ones before that were still in limbo, and now being restored.


Well, day 7 and not restored yet.  I receive new email through the webmail interface (since Sunday) but cannot reply/forward/delete any of those.  Oddly, I have received emails that would have come during the night on the 15/16/17 - they came through yesterday (21). They come in daily from a listserve I am on.  I sincerely hope that businesses are back online - and I believe TELUS will need to compensate them in some fashion.  

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Webmail is down since this morning but telus has not posted any issue regarding the Webmail.

They should post what's going on the website.


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I can not send or receive e mails

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Currently there is an outage no eta when service will be restored.

Since Telus clearly doesn't care enough about its customers to provide us ANY useful information about this email outage, perhaps some of us Telus victims customers can share a little bit.


All of these are currently hard down for me as a Telus PureFibre victim customer in Surrey, BC :



I have at least 6 other Telus email users that depend on me for support, some of whom I stupidly recommended move from Shaw to Telus, and two of which have been having email problems off and on for a week already. Some are ADSL and some are PureFibre. Most of these are using IMAP, so I'd appreciate status on whatever Telus IMAP servers/ports others might be using, and whether ADSL or PureFibre. Specify general locality (not postal codes, as those would be too identifying). I'd like to think I won't be getting too many calls from upset Telus customers, but that would be overly optimistic since they've all learned from painful experience that calling Telus support costs hours of time and usually results either in Telus doing nothing or actually making the problem worse.


This seems to be a recurring problem over the past week. 

It is so disappointing that Telus email is still down, it has been over 14 hours. Shaw is starting to look good to me

Also it is lost frustrating that they have not kept us updated I waited over 1 1/2 hours on the Phone to speak to a person who had no information

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Ya, pathetic service, and not anything new for these yahoos!  That's why I've started calling them..."Won't Telus"!

So when do you anticipate this issue to be resolved?

Early tomorrow is latest update...obviously this must be something major I wouldn't be surprised if we have lost mail once service is back.

At this rate we will be lucky to get email service today.  Too bad Telus can't spend a little bit more money on the email servers and software like they do on data platforms like texting.

I'm seeing email service return shortly before 3am PST.

7am mountian Friday Aug 16

No email,

It's interesting that a large Canadian communications provider is down for this long.

Do they have High Availability for Telus Mail?

Disaster recovery?

Redundant systems?
Service levels that they strive to maintain?


Communications plan with their customers?


Any TELUS employees on this Forum?


Email is back for me in Esquimalt. But oldest one is 2:35 am so I’m missing whatever was sent yesterday.