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Webmail/Telus email is currently down.


Just a heads up - our webmail is down at the moment. The queues are very high. Please be patient! We are working on it! So sorry for the inconvenience!

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@Canucklehead , I agree but the email is for free as long as we have TELUS Services. so if the email is for free, then there may not be anything to be refunded.

@BeefPorkChicken: Telus email is definitely NOT a free extra. We pay a lot of money for a package of services, amongst which are Internet access and email. A compensation payment is most definitely in order, and not a small one.


@Canucklehead: This email problem is not merely 12 hours old. It has simply gotten worse for more people in the last 12 hours. The email problem is about a week old. I know this because I was trying to resolve it for another household that I support. The useless admission of email problems that the Telus phone support auto-attendant plays on your way to the end of a very long queue was already playing a week ago.


It is absolutely ridiculous that Telus is reporting that the cause is still "Undetermined at this time" after a week. It begs a question about competency. Also, how does Telus estimate time of repair to be this evening when they admit they've no idea what the problem is? One might reasonably suppose at least one of the cause or estimate statements is deliberately untrue.

i am in south central B.C. no telus email and webmail not accessible since early today (Aug. 15). Cannot reach a Telus operator on the phone. Telus charges very high prices for phone and internet services yet they have no actual customer service. The CEO should be sacked along with all senior management and hire people who actually care about good service.


I am overseas and can not access my telus email , is not responding , any idea what 's happen? this is been the case for last 24 hours ?

Still down in Abbotsford..11:10pm

@Isaeblla , Webmail servers have been down since this morning and its due to an outage . they said that its due to a Hardware Issue at a TELUS Facility



They are calling for restoration after 2am at this point. Sounds like a server crashed. 

The email is an integral part of the internet services, I would not be here without the email service I'd have gone to Shaw or even Uniserve. I suspect that a portion of the funds paid towards the internet service are used to provide the email service such as it is and with such poor service recently maybe they should refund that portion.   

Well I'm in Calgary and it's been over 24 hours since I could access my e-mail. 


I note above it says 2am restart, but NOT working here.


The lack of communication from Telus is shocking - surely they could have something up on this site to explain what the problem was, time line for fixing etc. To have a post form last night anticipating fix by 2am and then nothing is pathetic.

Webmail is down...

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Going on Day 4 cannot send or receive email, anyone else still having this problem?

Oh yes.


If you check the posting titled "Webmail/Telus email is currently down", you will see that a lot of others still are affected. That is where someone posted a link to check on the service status, however Telus has not provided an update since Saturday.

This is so terrible.   Most of my friends use other providers and never have this kind of problem.  To be without email for almost 5 days when most of us use it for work is unacceptable.   I will be looking at using a different email provider as I can't risk being in this situation.   I feel for the Telus employees trying to deal with the customers.  They seem to have nothing to offer us except "sorry."  I'm sure it's really frustrating for them as well.  This is a massive telecommunications company.  What is causing the problem?   

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Well TELUS does partner with Huawei, so expect worse to come.  I haven't had email service since 11:03 pm on May 30.  It is now 4:00 pm on June 3 so we are into Day 5.  Unacceptable.



If it is true that Telus does partner with Huawei muster spy, I do not want to have any dealings with Telus once my contract expires.

We're up and running smoothly so far in Esquimalt, BC where no one else on Telus in our building was affected. Go figur!

Will we ever know what happened?

Yes, and it’s very frustrating! Also, it is so random; I have not heard of anyone else in my area (Cold Lake) having this issue.
I have not had email access since Friday.
I feel like I’m in limbo😡.

Tuesday morning June 4, Metro Vancouver here, just received a bunch of emails, dating back to June 1, including one 2MB attachment. Things finally on the mend? Fingers crossed.

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Appears to be up and running in Kamloops too...

Lucky you!! No such luck here.😡