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Webmail Internet Interface Changes Oct-Nov 2017?


Did some searching but was unable to locate anything specific to my query.


I suspect a recent update/change was performed on webmail. My interface is different from what it was a month ago and some changes are not appreciated…


  1. How do I get the login process to STOP asking me to change my password every time I check my webmail? I will change it when I’m ready to. I don’t need to be asked every time I login. An extra annoying step I can do without.
  2. When I clean out my inbox and move things to the Trash folder, I’m done with them. When I check the box to delete forever in the Trash folder, I don’t want to be asked if I’m sure I want to delete them. I wouldn’t put them there if I wasn’t sure. Where is the option to turn off “Confirm on delete”?
  3. If the Telus filtering process determines that a particular email I receive is Junk and files it accordingly, how do I remove the “SPAM” flags provided by /Telus in the subject when I move it to the Inbox?


Assistance/guidance appreciated.

Thank you,