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Wait time to contact Telus

Just Moved In

Why does it take so long to get in touch with a body at Telus.  Phone or chat it takes forever.  I have been waiting 2 hours for a response on chat!  Totally unacceptable, how they (supposedly) get high marks for customer setvice is beyond me.



I try to phone them and it's now45 minutes --noone answer. I did redialed before and that took 20 minutes. Together over one hour.

I tried live chat and it won't even connect. There are speed issue and I am on 150/150 and I only get 95/18.


What is even worse last couple times I had to call for billing issues of course there is no longer an option for callback which used to be great.

Just Moved In

An hour... wow that's lucky. I spent 97 minutes only to be told I needed a different department. Then I waited another 30 and guess what they dropped my call. Ooops. I'm getting less than 5 mbs up and 1 down and paying for 25 and 5 and I can't even get a rep on the phone. I'm sure when I do, I'll be told it's UP TO 25 and 5 so 5 and 1 is in their acceptable range and that will be the end of it. 


I think the only option is to start moving services elsewhere and never sign a contract longer than 1 year. That way if the service starts to suffer you can just walk away. 



Just Moved In

During the past weeks - the awful virus time - I have tried multiple times to contact a live customer service rep. Even used the process to contact higher levels who will respond within 24 hours.  Absolutely nothing.  Telephone voice mails purr with We Are Always There For You then cut out this after going through the routines for providing account information.  It seems Darren Entwhistle  the CEO of Telus is a master PR man whose company is no able to deliver customer service during these challenging times.

Other large providers face the same challenges; they are slower responding; but unlike Telus they are always there!