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WEB6000Q's SSID speed is much slower


The Telus tech guy came in and re-connected the extender when I had the T3200 gateway installed. Now, I have four different SSIDs (two from each) and since my extender is on my second floor and the signal from the gateway is weak there, I have to connect to it which gives me around 50-60 Mbps (I'm on the 150 plan). Is there anyway for the SSIDs to merge so I can get the signal strength and a high speed?


Community Power User
Community Power User

A web search returned this manual which describes how to manage your WEB6000Q, however, merging the SSID will increase convenience, but would not effectively change the speed. Have you considered moving the T3200M to a more central location in your house?


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I can't move the T3200 as it's located in the basement. I guess I can try and merge the SSID and hope for a better performance.