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Very poor WiFi connectiivity (am on PureFibre) - need a techician to come to my house

Friendly Neighbour

,l Since "upgrading" to Telus PureFibre sometime in 2019 (I think), the speed and connectivity in my house has been very poor. Recently my Windows desktop machiine kept dropping the WiFi connection, so I called the help line, and spoke to technicians in other parts of the planet. Eventually one of them dispatched a new modem to my home, suggesting that perhaps my modem was faulty. I received a new T3200M model, same as the previous one I had. I installed it, it seemed to make no difference with respect especially to my Windows desktop machine.


My Windows desktop is located on the same floor as my modem, and there is also a set of two boosters on this modem. With all this firepower, I should be experiencing lightspeed connectivity. Frustrated beyond belief, I took my desktop to Memory Express for a cleanup and checkup, and the technician there found no problem with the wireless function on the motherboard of my desktop. I now have a nicely cleaned up desktop that can barely get one bar of connectivity from a modem with boosters on the same floor as the desktop.


What I need is a technician to come to my house to investigate the wireless setup here. Because I don't have fibre cabling in my house, my PureFibre setup was done using cable outlets. I do not want to call Telus tech support again and run through this entire scenario with a technician somewhere else outside of North America. I would like a technician dispatched to my house to check the connectivity within. I have been paying extra for this service for two years with nothing to show for it. If Telus can't help, I need to consider switching to another provider, which would be sad because I've used Telus internet since 1998.


What can I do to make that happen?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Contact Telus and schedule a service call.

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Community Power User

There are many factors that can affect wi-fi performance. Telus has more than a few articles on this:


Understanding and optimizing your Wi-Fi | TELUS Support

Wi-Fi performance and your device | Support |

Wi-Fi speed and coverage explained | Support | TELUS

Other factors impacting your Wi-Fi internet speed | Support | TELUS


Is it possible to use a wired connection? What does the speed test say you are getting at the T3200M (using Telus My Wi-Fi app)?


Just a long time customer hoping to help.

Friendly Neighbour

Thank you for your response and for the links to those articles. I will check those out.


It is not possible to run a wired connection from the modem to my Windows machine, as they are in different rooms, and there isn't a cable outlet in the office where the desktop resides.


I ran a speed test using the Telus WiFi app: DL 285 Mbps; UL 273 Mbps.


Please see Polecat's response to my question. I am wondering if I have cabling that needs to be replaced with a different kind of cable.

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Community Power User

There are also power line networking kits that'll use your electrical in the house to transmit data. Some examples can be found here. I've never used one myself so I can't comment on them specifically.

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@Podbay  A friend of mine had ont moca coax terrible after one month ran cate 6 cable now perfect signal.

Friendly Neighbour

Polecat: Thank you for taking the time to respond. I wasn't aware that a different kind of cabling may be needed to correct this problem. I will investigate further. Thanks again.

@Podbay  Get a cate 5 or 6 cate cable 25 50 feet at dollar store go from ont to 3200 this should show you what the problem is. The cate should work better. Friends house all finished but ont was in same room as the furnace so some how he pulled the cat through the cold air return worked for him. Better than cutting out rock and is still safe,