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VIP5662W vs UIW8001 Differences

Just Moved In

Does anyone know the differences between the VIP5662W and the UIW8001 boxes? I am looking for a way to conceal my box and be able to change the channel without having a direct line of sight to the receiver. I have read that with the VIP5662W it has the bluetooth activated and I can get a bell slimline remote to pair with it. I currently have the UIW8001 and I can't find any solutions to an IR extender or a way to conceal the receiver. Any assistance would be great.


I don't the different but is there a new version of set-top boxes and or PVR's? what about New modem?

@kikithecafekief101 You ask this ever few months. The hardware was already refreshed. Start your own thread instead of hijacking a post with something not related to the original post.


@Kal1 if you use search there are some threads with known ir extenders (Amazon) working on various Telus receivers.