VDSL2 Profiles


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Just Moved In

I am in an Extended Reach Area.  Here are my stats:

Line Rate:
32768 Kbps
3178 Kbps
Attainable Line Rate:
33448 Kbps
3472 Kbps
5.9 dB
6.6 dB
(DS1)23.8, (DS2)69.4 dB
(US1)10.4, (US2)56.7 dB
18.6 dBm
9 dBm


I am on a VDSL2-8B profile.  My question is: Can my profile be changed to a 17a or 30a?  I read that these profiles operate at higher frequencies and are capable of higher speeds.  The Telus tech people that I have spoken to seem unfamiliar with the different profiles.