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Utility box under everywhere else but us

The whole neighbourhood but our side of the street doesn't have a under ground concrete boxes with fiber available right now, will they have to dig the road up to install ours? Four house lots...

It's like why did the chicken cross the road. Maybe you need to be the chicken

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Considering we are not construction experts, nor are any of us familiar with your exact street, your best bet is to wait and see what they'll do. That area of Surrey still hasn't even been announced as to when fibre will even be installed, let alone available for use. Telus is busy working on other communities and has prioritized smaller communities where they are limited in speed currently. You'll see them on the fibre communities map as well as their statuses. The closest municipality to you that is being upgraded is Abbotsford, which is being actively built up but won't be finished until some time next year. I wouldn't expect Surrey to get looked at until Abbotsford is done.

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if only one side of the street has UG service box, it is very likely that there are existing lateral conduits crossing the streets to provide tel and cable service to the other side.  Use the service area inquiry Web to check service availability and phone telus if needed.

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They will likely run fibre along the current service line, either overhead, or by pulling it through conduit by an existing string, or by pulling it through with the existing copper line. 


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If you have underground service now on copper you will have fiber pulled through the same path. There is a tub within 300ft / 100M of your premise, although it may be overgrown/ landscaped over and hard to see. Distribution conduit always runs along one side of the road. Prems on the other side have their drop ducts run across the road. In older places where cable was direct buried without conduit it's a bit more of a challenge. Pipe has to be installed and, yes, we dig. If Tel is underground and Hydro is overhead then the new fiber plant will be placed overhead.

I'm not sure who Telus thinks they are, but if you decide to dig up the concrete I have for my driveway, there's going to be a fight on site for that crew, unless you clowns plan on paying for the whole thing to be replaced. No garbage patch job that will just break up in 2 years.

Is there any indication that they are going to do so in your immediate vicinity? 

@LumberjackPols wrote:
I'm not sure who Telus thinks they are, but if you decide to dig up the concrete I have for my driveway, there's going to be a fight on site for that crew, unless you clowns plan on paying for the whole thing to be replaced. No garbage patch job that will just break up in 2 years.

They would not dig up a driveway, too much work, too much expense.  Directional drilling equipment is used to go under roads, concrete pads and other similar obstacles.  It's been decades since underground utilities required exposed trenching to install.  They dig a hole at the start and at the end and in between it's the horizontal directional drill that bores a hole and then pulls the cable duct back into the path it drilled.  The drilling head can turn as it goes to move the drilling path around objects though they usually only make minor adjustments to the direction to maintain depth and heading.  So they would dig a small pit by the side of your house where the cables come up out of the ground and another pit where the drilling equipment starts the hole.  They try to replace everything when done.  It looks messy while doing it though as the drilling fluid the drill uses is basically mud.










I understand your explanation.  As a consultant for traffic signal design, I'd noted that directional drilling has been in practiced for at least 10 years where heavy traffic volume are prevailing.


Please, there is no need to be rude. There won't be any fighting in your driveway and we are not "clowns". We are people who work for a living and take pride in our work just like anyone else does. No one is obliged to take our services and we won't force our way onto your property. Policy says that when encountering a hostile customer we just get back in the truck and drive away. That's it, no more service.

As to the comments regarding directional drilling. For installing residential service drops this is virtually never done in BC and it is sometimes done in AB. It's just too expensive for a single residential service. We trench to install conduit in accordance with applicable electrical, building and municipal codes. The trench can be cut quite small as the conduit is only 1 - 1.5 inch diameter. We go to great lengths to avoid driveway cuts but sometimes a cut is unavoidable. In that case, full and proper restoration is done with customer's consent and approval. In my area we have done several hundred of these jobs during the conversion to fiber. Please note, the placing work described is done by the company only to provide fiber in the mass conversion project areas. In all other cases any underground work required is the property owner's responsibility and expense. 

In AB, many service drops are direct buried or "plowed in" as they say. The buried drop processes are very different between the two provinces and between rural and urban areas.

If a customer wants our fiber offerings then we will do our best to get them to you. Most jobs are straight forward and some are more complex. But all are dealt with professionally. The work may look rough while it's in progress but will be cleaned up and the area restored.

yeah, must be different in BC.  I have seen many of the small directional units for going under driveways, roadways, etc in use here.


Nothing like the big self propelled units though, just the small ones because as you say, the duct to the house isn't large.  Not like the elephant trunk sized pipe they install sometimes to feed a main cabinet, more like water pipe to a sink.  Smaller than most irrigation lines.




Oh my mistake. You don't find it "rude" at all to just paint lines all over someone's lawn and then give them no explanation as to what those lines are or what you're planning on doing in that person's yard? You get what you give. People don't like it when you just do something without permission and then expect them to deal with it.

That is a little "odd" as we don't paint lines all over. There are always exceptions but we pretty much already know where our stuff is and it's not too hard to find the rest. We do mark direct buried cables along roads, that's much bigger digging and it's along/ under public property on which we have rights-of-way. Your other utility companies will have been contacted to locate their facilities before any work begins. Unless you have a current GPON service order with us we will not pre-install a fiber drop with out your written consent. In mass fiber conversion areas with underground utilities those utility companies will do a blanket neighbourhood locate programme, before we move in. Any, hopefully all, water, gas and electric lines will then be marked on the surface. They have no idea who is or will be a TELUS customer so they will likely mark up all their stuff in the work area. Nor does TELUS have any power or authority to control how those companies do and mark their locates. If you don't want the fiber installed that's fine, don't give permission. The construction crews won't mind having one less job in their day. The paint is fragile, the weather at this time of year will remove it before too long.

My issue is that Telus plans on putting a huge box in my front yard and hasn't put in any effort to contact me about it. The only thing that I was contacted about was having a trench dug from the side of my house to the road. They never said anything about digging a 2'x6' hole and putting a concrete box in my front yard, right beside my awesome Japanese Maple. Can they tell where the roots are? Most likely not.


It's a good thing you and Telus have a contract allowing them to put boxes and wires there.


Really? How do you know this?

My professional background is an electrical engineer.  In the past, I have dealt with various utilities (BCH, Telus, Fortis, Municipalities).  Telus had told me that some underground civil works are contracted out.  But your call to Telus would confirm if what I said is valid or not 😉

When a box services more than one property, they are typically located on the property line with the adjoining properties, and be on public ROW.  I understand and share your concern on the health of the Japanese Maple tree.  Telus might have contracted out the digging and installation of UG boxes and conduits to an outside contractor.  Maybe if you contact Telus and ask that the contractor be in touch with you before they do any work might help alleviate your concern.  

All service boxes and vaults are placed via legal rights of way, either on municipal property or easements recorded against land title. Never on private property. In cases where the underground duct pull for the service drop exceeds 300ft/ 100meters there will need to be a pull box. This is the customer's responsibility. You may want to check your actual property lines.

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    Possibly you should read this thread in conjunction with this one by @kikithecafekief101 for fullest understanding of the conversation.


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ready telus fiber.JPG


so this is ready across my street! 😛 just checked today!

if it is when will my side be? 😃