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Using R7000 with the T1200H - DMZ and Static IP

Sorry for re-posting this question again but I'm not clear on a few parts so I thought I would ask.

The Telus Tech is in the house installing PureFibre 150 as we speak. He is putting in an Actiontec T1200H connected to the ONT using Ethernet.

I have the Netgear R7000 and I already have the multicast enabled. I understand that I can connect the R7000 to lan port 1 of the V1200H.

Am I also supposed to set a static IP and DMZ as well?? This is the part I don't understand or not sure how to do. Can someone please help me out step by step?

As an FYI, I am getting Optik TV too. Not sure why I'm not getting the 3200 modem/router and when I asked the tech, he said the 1200H was more reliable. I am getting a wifi-extender as well.

I would like the Optik TV to be connected to the Actiontec and all my other wifi on the R7000

Community Power User
Community Power User

Do you mean the T1200H?  I am not aware of a V1200H, just a V1000H.


You can port forward port 1 of the T1200H to your router (see Advanced Settings in the Gateway web interface)

You can set your PVR etc on the other ports of the Actiontec T1200H


Set your router on other than and you should be ready to go.


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Yes my mistake T1200H. I corrected the mistake