Using NAS on Actiontec T2200H


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Hi, i've recently upgraded to Telus 100 and received my Actiontec T2200H Modem , i've plugged a usb3.0 external hard drive into the USB port and enabled Samba File Sharing. I've setup my username/password in the storage configuration and the workgroup to match my computer. If i go to \\\ i get a folder named admin that is empty , if i go to \\\Storage i get access denied. I'm at my wit's end , any help would be greatly appreciated , thank you!


Also , I am on Windows 10


I have the same router and use a WD My Book Live NAS. It seems to work fine, but it is connected to an Ethernet port not USB.

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Community Power User

Drive must be formatted FAT 32

You can set up access to it in the Actiontec web-interface, and it will be available to you

There are other discussions on the topic here and here, and possibly more.


It is ok for small drives, but FAT 32 really limits the utility of the tool for larger drives. If you have multiple computers, an ethernet connected NAS is a better tool, as suggested by @RonAKA .


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