Upgrade on DSL, how to track Dslam and just upgrades


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when will DSL connections get upgrade? will every body be going on fiber?

how do i know where my DSLAM is by my house, and whats in it? where am i connected?

And also what about one gigabit download speeds? when? πŸ˜›

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  • Telus doesn't announce copper upgrades. You live on the very edge of farmland in a remote corner of Surrey. You'll get upgraded when your neighborhood does and it may be a while and likely on fibre.
  • Telus is pushing for everyone to be on fibre but that will take time considering how many residences there are in Alberta and BC.
  • DSLAM? Knowing where it is and what's in it will not benefit you in any way. Enroll in BCIT in a telecoms program and you'll learn a lot and get a good paying job out of it.
  • You don't need gigabit unless you like burning money. 100mbps is overkill in itself. The majority of servers out there do not send data out at even 100mbps, and your computer / router / NIC / hard drive won't support full gigabit either without some upgrades.

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k, thanks, so much!! @Nighthawk

! will use this account from now on!! πŸ˜›

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Telus isn't really doing any more DSLAM upgrades, as they are focusing on GPON based FTTH


they now started advertising 150/150, so they are definately pushing for people to sign up


DSLAMs are obsolete, replaced by ADSL2+ devices, known as RDACs, some time ago. In some areas these are mounted on SAC boxes around town. You can spot these as they are fairly ugly olive-drab piles on the side of the road. They have a four-digit number on them. I'm not sure why this would matter to you. The company is not doing any more copper HSIA upgrade work. All effort now is in fibre build. Rural, previously underserved areas are being built first as they have no existing infrastructure to be disposed of. But, in the near future, fibre will come to all. 


@BobTELUStech wrote:

....But, in the near future, fibre will come to all....



Beverly area- Edmonton

  • Planned for Future Phase  πŸ˜ž


After 2017 but still no firm date.. apparently the future isn't all that "near".

Despite this fact there are adverts for it all over the area to rub in the fact you wont see it here for a very long time.

Maybe by 2020 when their network is saturated by the whole city using it.