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Unresolved Email Syncing Issue from August

Just Moved In

The My TELUS support website reports that an email problem is due to a 3rd. party email client but I think not. On just one of seven subaccounts (the others were recovered quickly after server problems in August), the IMAP server still refuses to sync emails lost and reportedly later recovered after the server problems last August up to whenever the subaccount has been reinstalled on an iPad. Specifically, the subaccount a1e15509 sees no messages between Aug. 18 and when the account is again setup on the iPad. In short, IMAP folder syncing is not working in that isolated case.


It seems that TELUS' IMAP service is still not syncing right. Microsoft Office Outlook on her PC works fine. TELUS support has yet to find a solution, so I am still looking for suggestions.


Just Moved In

e-mails timing out. I get message: Sending report error 0X800421OB. The operation timed out waiting for a response from sending SMTP server. If you continue to receive this message contact your server administrator or internet service provider. The server responded 452.4.1.0 requested action aborted try again. 

I have just purchased Microsoft Office Home & Business. as my previous yearly renewable one kept locking me out. The company that installed the program implied that it was something to do with Telus upgrading there system. On talking to Telus they implied that it was Microsoft Outlooks

problem and they could do nothing regarding a 3rd party program talk to Microsoft, impossible.  

Everything else seems to be working fine except the emails . Do you know if Shaw is having the same problem? Wayne