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Hi all,


Not quite sure where else to turn for help on this. Have a device set up that allows for wireless control of a pool pump and heater (called "The Heater Reader"). Basically connects to my home Telus wifi network on the 2.4GHZ spectrum. Unfortunately, there seems to be an issue that nearly ever hour at the same time, the device drops the wifi signal and no attempts to reconnect are made. I've contacted the company and they tell me that according to their wireless records of the device, it is actively searching fo the wifi signal, that the signal is strong enough, but isn't able to connect. I've been playing around with my T3100M settings trying to find out if its maybe a DHCP lease time issue (considering it seems to drop consistently at the same time on the hour) but have little luck finding anything. I know not may people are likely to have the same device, much less the same experience as me, but hoping someone might have a long shot idea that will work. 



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Do you have SmartSteering enabled? (Login > Wireless (at top) > SmartSteering) If yes, disable that. That feature merges the 2.4 and 5GHz networks together and allows the gateway to switch between them at will. I had to disable it as a couple items I own only support 2.4GHz.

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