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Tp link wireless adapter not working

Just Moved In
Hi i have a tp link 300 mbps mini n usb adapter and it is not showing up in my computer almost as if the connection is not working. I have tried everything including pushing the reset on it, resetting the internet box and unplugging it, uninstalling and reinstalling the software restarting computer etc. I have come to believe the usb is the problem but i dont want to buy another if you can tell me another solution i may have missed. Is it possible the usb is a dud? We have had it for probably 3 months and it just quit now.

Community Power User
Community Power User

If the wireless adapter is not showing up on the PC, the issue is with your PC or USB adapter. You will want to contact TP Link support to see if they have any ideas. Go into Device Manager and see if it sees the USB adapter, or try the adapter on another PC to see if it'll work or not. 

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