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Thanks for wasting my time

Just Moved In

Telus procedure:

Step 1 - send out sales people to book appointments for fiber upgrade.

Step 2 - get appointments booked

Step 3 - actually CHECK to see if it is even available to the customer

Step 4 - realize it isn't available

Step 5 - do nothing

Step 6 - do nothing

Step 7 - do nothing

Step 8 - On day of appointment, do nothing.  When customer phones and wonders whats going on, make sure you tell them you tried to call even though you didn't.  (No voicemails, no emails, no texts, no nothing)


Customer Procedure:

Step 1 - get knock on the door from a sales person

Step 2 - book appointment

Step 3 - make sure you can take the time off of work, and get other people to cover for you when needed

Step 4 - all good, wait for appointment

Step 5 - at appointment time, wait an hour for installer to show up

Step 6 - call customer service and ask whats going on, get told that they tried to contact me to tell me that they would need about 2 to 4 weeks to upgrade the infrastructure to be able to get me the internet they booked the appointment for

Step 7 - go through all emails, text messages, voicemails, and find nothing.

Step 8 - write useless angry forum post that's probably slightly overdramatic and will accomplish nothing.








I went through that. It appears to be a badge, not just for Telus, Shaw has same issues. My 150 install took 2 weeks. Lots of 'we tried to call but you weren't around' foind out later they wrote my number down wrong. Install is not complete 3 months later - the drop box is sitting on the porch floor, not mounted to wall. That was supposed to be fixed the next day.