Telus you will lose lots of customers I promise!


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We have problems in paying the internet bill, you shut down our Internet service at the end of July. However, when we cancel the internet you charge us the fee for the whole August, what the fck is this? We didn't use 1 KB in August! and there is not way we can use it casue you already shut down the internet service.


Its not about the money, you should not charge people for the service they haven't used.  I would rather pay $200 a month for the internet i used but I wont pay $1 for nothing!!


I have recommended all the friends around to change their telus internet, I know many international students coming to Vancouver this September,  I will tell everyone of them, they wont chose telus! 






If you're willing to pay $200 month for internet, then why did you not pay your bill in the first place?