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Telus satellite tv packages, when ?

Just Moved In

Anyone have an idea what the new Telus satellite packages might be? In December all providers are to bring in changes.  Anyone have hopes of real change?  Thanks


Community Power User
Community Power User
We will find out once they post online the pick n pay/packages. Till then your guess is as good as anyone's, exactly how it will shape up.

For people thinking pick and pay will be the saviour for only paying for channels you want. I think people will be in for a surprise when you add it all up.

Time will tell, maybe I'm wrong. Although the last slated changes for offering basic service, was a let down to most people trying to save some money.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Remember, the government and CRTC never said it was about savings, but rather about choice. My guess it will be like soft drinks: if you buy a case of 12 you get a bundle price, but if you want to choose specific flavours individually, the price rises.


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I'm on sat also and I don't expect any tv provider to come up with a system that will allow you to get the few extra channels that interest you without including a bunch of useless ones. That being said having the basic and adding 1-2- 3 channels will probably cost more than buying the grouped packages. But you never know it might happen????????? maybe.