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Telus overhead lines

Just Moved In

Does anyone here know the process of either getting the overhead lines from the alley to my house removed or raised up?


I am building a garage and the lines look like they will be in the way. From the looks of it one is the old Telus line alongside the new optic line, the other is shaw which is the competitor and will have to be dealt with separately.


thought I'd ask here before waiting an hour on hold.




Community Power User
Community Power User

Normally you'd just have to request a tech come out. The fiber line may be tricky as I'm not sure how much slack was left in the line when they were installed. There are cases where it won't be possible to raise the lines up. The tech that comes out can look at it. Just make sure you tell the person you speak with that you have both copper and fiber lines.

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Yick, overhead lines.  Just call Telus and let them know the situation.  There is likely not a whole lot of slack in the fibre line but they may be able to relocate it further down the pole for you.  Best bet is to get the old copper line removed completely as, from what I understand, the fibre carries both internet and phone through a single pair.


I've seen many people in my neighborhood (Marda Loop in Calgary) run the fibre, and copper lines to the garage first, then run them via underground conduit into the house.  Perhaps this is an option for you? 

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Telephone is not on fibre in all instances. It may depend on location or install date, as Telus changed their policy regarding this and moved from separate services to combined.
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Thank you, I stand corrected.


New communities in Calgary are getting only fibre into the home, no more copper but I wasn't sure if they'd transition over older communities to this as fibre is installed.