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Telus local email client won't send off net

Just Moved In

Currently, I have a google account that I use for sending info out.  It works great in this respect and everybody, including Telus accounts, have no problems receiving my emails.  The challenge comes in when the recipients attempt to reply to me.


The ones using a local email client are the ones that can't seem to go off the Telus network.  What they receive is a message to the effect "user unknown" even though the email address that they're sending to [mine] is valid.


However, the ones using Telus webmail do not encounter this problem - everything works like it should.


The above tells me that there does not appear to be any blockage from one server to another [webmail works just fine] but there is some internal issue with the local client attempting to go off-net.


What I find annoying about the aforementioned is if nobody phones or texts me to advise me that they were unable to respond to my email, I have no clue as to whether everything was received OK or not.


I'm hearing that some Shaw accounts are experiencing a similar "challenge".


Anyone else experience anything similar?


I'm hoping that Telus technical support monitors these posts.




Community Power User
Community Power User


  I do not experience any problems sending or replying from my email client to Gmail addresses. I'm using MacOS Mail.


  Tech support does not regularly monitor these forums. You would be better to reach out directly to them  for your specific concern through the options in the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of this page. You can refer them to your notes here, if you wish.


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