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Telus is ending bundle discounts


Today I got an email today from Telus - subject heading "an important update about your services." I often overlook these types of messages that are constantly clogging my inbox, as they're usually trying to sell something. This time I opened it, and a big headline read: "Changes to your TELUS Bundle Discounts." This got my attention enough to read further - and a sub-heading said "As a valued TELUS customer, we think it is important to keep you informed of changes to your account."


This all seems rather benign until you delve into the six-paragraph message, where I learned that "In order to drive continuous improvements to your service, TELUS has made the decision to modify the way we structure our bundles and as a result, the TELUS Bundle Discount has been discontinued." (my emphasis added).


There is so much wrong with this. Why not just say in the subject that they are stopping the discounts? This is more than an 'update about my services,' and 'changes to my account.' They aren't doing this to 'improve services' - they're doing it to make more profit. And they certainly aren't doing this because I'm a 'valued customer' or because out of the goodness of their heart they think it's 'important to keep me informed of changes to my account.'


This notification is literally the least they could do to meet the legal requirements. In fact it isn't actually enough - the agreement states 30 days notice, not seven (though they say it was on their website a month ago).


Who do they think they're fooling? Obviously some will miss this message in their inboxes, but is this really a good way to treat your customers? Stop the bull**bleep**, Telus! Just be upfront. We're going to find out sooner or later. Why go through all the work of trying to hide the message?


I was particularly incensed, since I just switched my internet and remaining family cell phones to take advantage of the bundling. I signed a two-year contract that included $12/month in bundling discounts. When I called the phone number given in the email, I was told it's their right to arbitrarily change the terms, and that's written in the fine print. I pointed out that this isn't just a rate change (as the fine print says); it's a restructuring of the agreement.


After telling the agent I was recording the call and was willing to post it on social media, I asked to speak to a manager. She was very nice and promised to deduct $12 from my bill every month for the duration of the agreement. We'll see if that happens, but I have a case number and recording in case it doesn't.


Moral of the story - always ask to go higher up until you get satisfaction, and record everything "for mutual protection."  🙂


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Community Power User

There is an existing discussion about this here:


There has been discussion that the old bundle discounts are going to be replaced with a new discount program. Neither Telus or Shaw offers a plan without any possibility of cost increases or changes in discounts during the time you have the service. Their lawyers make sure the terms of service are ironclad.


Also, please try being nice to the customer service people. You get better results faster. Getting a "manager" involved just takes more of your time and ultimately in the end it's still the first person you were dealing with that will end up making the change and you likely won't get a big of a reduction as what you would if you were cordial to them.

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I was very cordial to the person I spoke to at first - I know they're just doing their job. However right off the bat he said there was nothing that could be done, and made it clear he wasn't or couldn't do anything. That's when I escalated it. I got a promise of no net difference, which was all I could reasonably expect. Do you think I could have gotten a better discount?

I had searched for this topic a couple of times using different search terms but nothing recent came up - just the change from $5 to $3 discount a year ago. Thanks for pointing it out.

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I don't know who this Zainul Mawji is, VP Home solutions, but this is a real bad decision. I am a long time subscriber to ALL TELUS services and I am more than happy with them. The removal of the bundle discount is a slap in the face to loyal subscribers and I seriously doubt the savings will provide enough capital to bolster the services we currently enjoy.


This is customer loyalty 101. It is MUCH MORE cost effective to KEEP a customer than to RECRUIT/ENTICE new ones. That said, if the TELUS Marketting strategy is to provide greater incentives to new subscribers, it is a double slap in the face.


It is less about the money and more about the principle and the Company's position on loyalty.


Ever heard about the guy who invented the 'new' Coke?