Telus is a scam


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I sign up a telus TV services for my mom with a 3 years agreement. after a year of servces, i was told the prices can change anytime Telus want, and if we want to get out of the services, we need to pay a penality for it.


I used to work for one of the Telus Dealership and never once been told that way since the mobility services is always prices locked with the agreement.


They now change the base price for the tv from $34 to $35, even it is only a dollar increase, but i just see there are no protection for the customer what so ever. And the customer service or the loyality department doesnt seem to care at all.


To make myself happier, I just switch 3 business line and 2 internet service to Shaw. They can take that extra dollar from my home services while lost all my business account business. 1 to Telus , 200 to me



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You're confusing mobility with TV/Internet. Mobility contracts do have a specific price on them. Internet/TV ones do not. That information is very easy to locate, and has had the same terms for many many years. Shaw also has similar terms.


The one key paragraph that appears for both TV and Internet is:


Throughout your fixed term agreement, our current published rates will apply for your TV service, and we will inform you at least 30 days in advance of any rate changes.




Shaw? They have more frequent price increases than Telus does. Shaw had 2 of them last year alone. Telus had 1 during the same time period.


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Well enjoy Shaw they do 2 time a year price increases that average $3-$6...

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