Telus contest???


This is probably not the right forum but, as many of us have experienced, I do not want to be on hold for 30 minutes waiting for an answer from Telus.  I have gotten popup windows where the Telus logo is displayed, saying it is a contest.  Is this for real???  There are comments saying that people have won but I am so leery of spam.  Anyone?

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Often time scam sites pretend to be legitimate companies to trick you into giving specific information. They try to mask companies your recognize (amazon, banking institutions , telus etc) to appear like the real thing. Generally they are browser redirects, from spyware on a computer, or sometimes rogue ads.


The adage of if it's to good to be true... If there was a "contest" you would see announcements on Telus social media channels. Facebook, twitter, forum etc.


Legitimate Telus contests will be posted here along with terms and conditions.

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