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Hi guys,

Recent switch to Telus after 15 years with Shaw. I’m looking for some networking help. My question is with regards to Telus boost Wi-Fi. I am currently running Telus modem in bridge mode, with apple routers providing a roaming network with lan and wifi daisy chained. I’m gonna switch to Telus boost mesh wifi. My question is can I leave my Telus modem in bridge mode and connect the boost devices directly to Telus modem
Via lan and set them up as wifi access points. They will all be hardwired via Ethernet through the three floors. Please let me know. Thanks
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The Boost Wifi device is not a router, just a Mesh Access point, so cannot be connected to the bridged port of your Telus Actiontec T3200M.


To my knowledge, other than the initiating Boost Device, all the satellites are Wi-Fi connected, not Ethernet connected. The satellite device Ethernet port CAN be used to connect an Ethernet device to your network. For instance, you could connect a desktop computer lacking a Wi-Fi card to one of the satellites and connect to your network.


You also can't daisy chain the Boost devices, as there is only one Ethernet port on them.


If your home is constructed such that a Wi-Fi mesh would not work well, you may be better to choose Access Point devices specifically created to connect by Ethernet.


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Hmm that seems like a shortcoming. I’m pretty sure i can connect via Ethernet. At least that’s what tech support told me. Thanks
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I don't have my Telus modem in bridge mode, but I do have the Telus Wifi Boost hard wired. Works great!