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Telus Website, and Billing Sucks

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O, first of all Telus has a quite user friednly website but sad to say its so glitchy, takes forever to load on its 50 mbps internet plan with 2 users web surfing. And it is so glicthy, and messes up your TV plans. Customer service is also terrible and cuts random stuff or maybe the website takes a week to update. Plus telus phones us to telll us we have used more internent than our limit but the website says otherwise and the emails they send us. Ok so telus stop billing us stuff we  havent used, the website is beautfilbut glitchy... 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Funny it works fine for everyone else. Judging by your other thread you like the word

Have the same plan and loads fast for me and running 8 other devices off it at the same time. It's impossible it messes with your TV plans when YOU have to CONFIRM changes if adding or removing channels or theme packs, it doesn't mysteriously change things for you!

As a reminder the actual estimated usage data online is 24 hours behind your usage.. But again you can clearly see what you use online..

They bill what you use, simple concept really. You can always switch providers since they are so awful in your mind.  But the grass is far from greener on the other side. 😉

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If the Telus site is hanging on you, or just not loading as it should, you might try using a different browser. You don't say if you're using a computer or other device when the issues happen, but a computer is the best thing to use if you want web pages to load with full content, and in a timely fashion.

I can't speak to TV or internet billing from Telus, but I do know their landline billing is quite slow. E-bills often don't arrive until after the due date, which is fine for me, because I know my billing cycle and I pay it on the day the bill is processed. I'm kind of a control freak like that. 🙂

It's helpful for customers to be familiar with their billing cycle, and also to understand plan changes, and additional charges that may apply when you change things in your plan. The more you know, the fewer errors you'll find Telus makes. 🙂