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Telus Smart Hub data usage timing & accuracy

Just Moved In

I have a telus smart hub with the wireless internet 250 plan. I live rural outside of Vernon BC so wireless is my only option. So far it's been great & I have no complaints it's just that I don't understand the data usage #'s. Telus gives me a daily usage tally but the amount usually makes no sense as to what I think we have used. Clicking on the + sign on right breaks the daily tally down to lesser amounts & times which also makes no sense to me. For instance this morning I used 1,380 mb at 6:16. No one was even up at that time so?? Can't seem to find out if this was pacific time or what. Did the 1380mb usage begin at 6:16 or end there? I do watch Netflix at the end of the billing cycle as I don't want to go over. The usage there would be the same on consecutive nights but again the usage data does not support this. I'm not complaining just trying to understand. Any explanations would be appreciated.



There are a few things that could be using data when no one was awake. Depending on the devices connected to the hub it could be a computer or phone/tablet were doing updates, or if there are Apple devices it could be them performing an iCloud backup.

Both laptop & desktop computers are off at night, no Apple products either. I really think their timeline is skewed but who knows. I guess that's what I'm asking about.